Gianni Genta, is an art school graduate, born in Loreto, Italy, 1946. He currently lives and works in Cerveteri (Rome)

He attended the faculty of of Architecture and gained Teaching Authorisation to theach Art and History of Art in Italian Secondary School.

Between 1967 and 1975 his works have been exhibited in numerous art exhibitions, with great success, around Rome gaining him the status of “professional artist”. Professionally, as graphic advertising designer, he has worked on numerous projects in graphic advertising for many national organization since 1975 (SIP – Telecom – Aeroporti di Roma – Pfizer – Europcar – Finrenault – Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani).

Over the years he has also cultivated a personal and cultural pursuit of the experiences, techniques, artistic expressionism and perfectionism of the great masters and recreation of their masterpieces.

Currently, he is conducting several workshops in “Drawing and Painting” in both private and public secondary schools in Italy.

La Gioconda di Leonardo da Vinci

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